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Researched Garage Door Repair After Break-In

I came home to find my garage door open and askew. *sigh* I found out that it had been that way since morning after contacting a neighbor. Since it was nighttime hours, I knew that I would pay an arm and a leg if I wanted someone to come out right away. So I was paranoid the whole night about someone coming into my garage. I did some research online that night and found that Overhead got excellent reviews on And I found that my neighbor had also used them for a garage door issue. Bonus – I had coupons for them and found others online.

I called them at 7am – right when normal service hours began. They quoted me a 7-12 window. However, I had somewhere to be at 1pm so I told them I had to be out no later than 12:30pm. She told me no problem and they would be sure to get to me early. About 10 minutes after my call, my servicer [garage door technician] called me to say that he was on his way! Wow. Spencer arrived before 8am. He quickly was able to determine the issue and got to work. After fixing the initial problem, he showed me what was wrong and what he did. He also made some additional suggestions for me and swapped out some rollers. I asked questions about how to care for my door and he was very patient with me and explained.

I showed Spencer the various coupons I had and picked out the best one for my service. The entire thing with discount was slightly less than $200. My door is running great now and is quieter.

Overhead also maintains gates. Which is fortunate for us cause the company we currently use is horrible. Our HOA is now looking into using Overhead [Door Company of Atlanta] instead.

— Zewditu, Atlanta

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Overhead Door Company of Atlanta: Yelp Review January 3, 2016