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“I Highly Recommend Overhead Door”

Check out the recent review from an Angie’s List customer.

“This home improvement purchase makes me so happy and I would never have thought I could get so much joy out of properly functioning garage doors.
For the past 3 years, when winter would hit, I’d have a difficult time getting out of my garage due to the existing garage door opener (approx 20 years old). I’d persist, eventually the weather would warm up and then I’d forget about it. But this winter I was going crazy. It would take me a few minutes to get out of my house because I’d have to hit the open/close button multiple times to work the door up or down in increments.
Overhead Door came out on time, gave me an estimate and we schedule the work for 2 days later. I decided to go with a slightly more expensive model of garage door opener. And boy, am I glad I did. Those things are so quiet, you don’t even hear the garage door being opened.
I think the installation job was a little bit more challenging than most just due to how the old garage door openers were wired. But James persisted and was so pleasant. It was also a blistering cold day that day and I appreciated that he had such a great attitude.
I can now open my garage door on one click as I’m driving down the street. Previously when I came home, I’d have to sit in my drive way for minutes as I played the “opening game”.
Honestly, this was some of the best home improvement money spent. I wish I had done the project three years ago. I highly recommend Overhead Door.”


-Amy, Norcross